AZ Housing Supply Crisis

Arizona has one of the most significant supply-and-demand housing imbalances in the nation. Lack of supply is at crisis levels.

Over 97% of Valley rental units are occupied – the highest rate ever recorded.
For every available rental unit, there are 20 applicants competing.

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To keep up with the population surge, Arizona needs to build an estimated 270,000 new rental units.
If we don’t address Arizona’s Housing Supply Crisis, we risk rents continuing to rise, slowing the state’s economic growth and losing Arizona’s competitive edge in attracting new employers. We must expand the state’s housing supply at all price points or rental prices will continue to surge.
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New Apartments Needed Annually just to meet demand
$ 60 B
AZ Apartment Residents Contribute $66.8B to the Local Economy Each Year
The Operation of Arizona’s Apartment Homes Contributes to 6,000 Jobs Each Year

Why This is Important

Our Vision

To provide awareness on the current market needs within AZ communities and give a voice to local families.

Our Economy

The health of our economy tomorrow depends on decisions today. Housing for all allows our economy to thrive.

Working Families

Our communities are depending on us to provide accessible homes. Neighbors, friends, and family alike.

Creating Jobs

Housing development and operations contribute to increased opportunities across the state. Fueling economic success.

What They're Saying

We're committed to making progress on the current housing gap in Arizona.
Here's a peek at how our efforts are resonating in the industry.

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