TikToker shares Arizona apartment nightmare: ‘The worst luxury apartment possible’


On April 16, a TikTok user named Jess shared the “#apartmentnightmare” they moved into in Mesa.
A TikToker claims to have moved into “the worst ‘luxury’ apartment possible” in Arizona.

This unit in Mesa is an “#apartmentnightmare,” according to a TikTok video posted on April 16. Over the course of 2½ minutes, user @reasonablyparanoid shows scenes from this apartment they moved into, including a toilet left out on a patio, a bathroom that is missing a mirror, a shower faucet that spews water from the wall, baseboards that are soft to the touch and kitchen outlets that don’t work.

In addition, there is “a closet with wings that can just flap and fly away” due to the baseboard being detached and pliable, and there appears to be standing water next to the toilet and under the dryer.

More than 500,000 people have viewed this alleged expose, with some users commenting that the TikToker —who goes by Jess — received the “landlord special.”

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Sharing this move-in experience would hopefully help people “avoid this place at all costs,” Jess says in a subsequent post. Ten follow-up videos detail the experience of communicating with the building’s management and eventually moving to another apartment complex. The name and location of the original complex are not mentioned.

A video posted on April 19 shows that Jess was able to move into a new apartment — this time with “a shower that works.”

“We now have the apartment of our dreams,” the post’s caption reads.

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