Tempe Housing Coalition’s $2.77M Affordable Housing Investment

The Tempe Coalition of Affordable Housing has recently purchased a vacant property for $2.77 million, which could double its affordable housing units portfolio. Located at 1409 E. Apache Blvd., the acquired vacant property is slated for a multi-family housing development catering to low- to moderate-income Tempeans. With funding from the city’s Hometown for All initiative, federal Community Development Block Grants, and donations from developers, the coalition is actively addressing housing affordability through developments such as this one. Discussions are underway among city officials, coalition members, and developers to expedite affordable housing initiatives, including the consideration of a $32 million General Obligation Bond on the Nov. 5 ballot.


Source: https://www.tempenews.com/news/tempe-housing-coalition-closes-2-77m-land-deal/article_3bf0a460-dda1-11ee-b338-1bea642b6869.html

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