Flagstaff Approves Zoning Change In Hopes to Increase Affordable Housing

The Flagstaff City Council has taken a step towards addressing the issues of housing shortage and affordability. A zoning change was approved, which allows the construction of housing within the public facilities zone. This could result in additional affordable housing units being constructed in the city that declared a housing emergency in 2020. Currently, there are about 180 pieces of land that are zoned public facilities. However, this decision was met with criticism by some members of the public. They argue that it could put city parks at risk of redevelopment and reduce their influence on proposed projects.


Source: https://azdailysun.com/news/local/city-allows-housing-in-public-facilities-zone-as-strategy-to-increase-affordability-and-housing-stock/article_54acb264-ed55-11ee-8a9a-2f933b72e5c5.html#:~:text=Achieving%20one%20of%20the%20objectives,a%20housing%20emergency%20in%202020

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