Built-to-rent Communities Continue to Pop-up Across the Valley

Build-to-rent developments are becoming increasingly popular in the Valley as they offer a new and convenient housing option that is both affordable and community-oriented. Responding to the changing preferences and lifestyles of Arizona residents, developers are constructing modern neighborhoods that are tailored specifically for renters. In 2023, 4,030 single-family homes for rent were opened in the Valley, and currently, more than 8,000 build-to-rent houses are under construction. As competition grows among the built-to-rent sector, prospective residents can expect to see incentives, such as rebates for early rental payments and luxurious amenities.


Source: https://www.yourvalley.net/glendale-independent/stories/build-to-rent-bonanza-communities-continue-to-pop-up-valley-wide,508411

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