Housing Data

Elliot Pollack Rental Housing Demand and Economic Impact Study


ASU – Morris Institute History of Housing and Discrimination in AZ

Bi-Partisan Policy Center–Eliminating Land Use Barriers to Build More Affordable Homes

Common Sense Institute – Aug 2022 Housing Affordability

Common Sense Institute – AZ and Colorado Housing Markets

Common Sense Institute – Housing Affordability 

Common Sense Institute – July 2022 Housing Affordability

George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center – Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing

Harvard University – Joint Center for Housing Studies – Overcoming Opposition to Multifamily Housing

How to Reduce Housing Costs – Understanding Local Deterrents to Building Multi-family

National Association of REALTORS Housing is Critical Infrastructure: Social and Economic Benefits of Building More Housing 

National Association of REALTORS State and Local Policy Strategies to Advance Housing Affordability

NMHC – US Housing Demand through 2035

NMHC Housing Affordability Toolkit

NMHC Policy Recommendations to Make Apartments More Affordable

NMHC / NAHB Study – Regulation is 40.6% of the Cost of Multifamily Development

NYU Furman Center – Supply Skepticism; Housing Supply and Affordability

President Obama White House Housing Development Toolkit

UCLA – Research Roundup: The Effect of Market-Rate Development on Neighborhood Rents

ULI High Density Development Myth and Fact

Up for Growth – Housing Underproduction in the US

US Dept of Housing and Urban Development – Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing

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